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The foundation course is a 12 week full-time course for participants with work experience from a variety of health-related backgrounds.  Graduates of the course acquire a range of knowledge and skills that prepare them for further study in their chosen Master programme.

The course provides information and techniques necessary to encourage lifelong learning, improve general knowledge in health, develop skills in the use of English for academic purposes and support participants in the practical aspects of using computer applications for data management.

Participating on the foundation course does not mean that you will automatically progress to your desired Programme of study.  Students must complete the course successfully.  For example, if the expected level of academic competence is not reached by the end of the foundation course students will not progress to the specialised programmes of study. 
There are 4 specialist Master programmes:

  • Masters in Public Health
  • Masters in Health Systems Management/Hospital Management
  • Masters in Health Economics, Finance and Policy

These Programmes provide up-to-date factual information and practical skills necessary to improve professional competence, and support participants as they become proficient in analysing health problems and appraising critically, solutions appropriate to their own context.  Graduates of the Programme acquire a range of knowledge and skills that prepare them for work at senior level in health related areas.  The specialist Master Programmes each have their own handbook, which will be available at the start of each Programme in January 2010.  

The Course forms the initial part of all pathways on the Master Programmes and is a mandatory element of study.  This means you must pass this module successfully before you can progress onto the Specialist Master Programmes.  The Course runs full-time for 12 weeks, starting on the 4th October 2009 with two holidays each of one week’s duration.  The Course will finish on 24th December 2009. 

The course is split into 3 main areas:

  • Study Skills and Academic English
  • An Introduction to Health Systems, Health and Measuring Health
  • Introduction to Computer Applications and Data Management

All areas will be assessed, but only areas 2 and 3 will count towards your final module mark. 

Developing skills in Academic English is essential to any programme supported by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  Study skills and Academic English are the bedrock of the Foundation Course and are taught in a block of 2 weeks duration at the beginning of the Course and then integrated throughout the rest of the course.  During the Study Skills and Academic English sessions, students will be encouraged to develop their skills in listening, note taking and reporting back to others, both verbally and in written form.  These skills will be further developed and applied in a practical way in the 2 weeks that introduce Health  Systems, Health and Measuring Health.  Skills will be reviewed and consolidated in the sessions that follow, and shortfalls in knowledge and skills will be identified and addressed.