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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

Tel/ Fax: 00963 11 514 59 23





The Master Programmes at the CSHS are open to university graduates of medicine, dentistry, health-related sciences, social science, economics and other relevant disciplines.  Regional students may apply to undertake the programmes.

The programmes are taught in English and students whose first language is not English must provide evidence of a proficiency level as defined by CSHS CSHSregulations. Once admitted, a pre-master foundation course  provides intensive training in English language, information technology, data manipulation and an introduction to health and health systems.

The Centre has become very popular with prospective students and numbers have steadily risen.  In 2009 there were 950 applications to study at the Centre.


Student Experience

CSHSDr. Suzan Al Abyad (who was one of four students to receive the award of excellence*)studied for a Master of Public Health at the CSHS and was one of the first cohort of students 2007/ 2009. Dr Abyad was referred to CSHS by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).  “I work with UNRWA as a gynaecologist, which provides primary heath care to Palestinian refugees. Although the teaching styles were different to what most of the students were used to, I soon adapted. In the past my computer skills were very poor, now I can deal with many computer programmes alone. I can participate in the planning and evaluation of our programmes.

The Centre has expanded my knowledge about how health services can be improved. There are many things that make studying in CSHS interesting: the techniques used in teaching were different from those we are used to, there are many facilities in the Centre that make our study easier such as, the library, computer lab and availability of experts. The best thing about studying at the CSHS is the cooperation and coordination with LSTM and our teachers, this enabled us to gain more experience and develop our skills.”

Dr Abyad explains how she will be able to implement her training: “As I work with an agency which provides primary health care to Palestinian refugees, my knowledge about such services has been improved, I feel that I can participate in planning and evaluation of our programs. My understanding of any research findings is different from the past as I can interpret many of the tests that are used. I have already had the opportunity to use my presentations skills in my role as a trainer in my job. I look forward to implementing what I have learned in order to improve the health status of Palestine refugees in Syria.”

*A special congratulations needs to mentioned for the four students who achieved an award of excellence in the first cohort of students (graduating November 2009).  They are: Khalid Al Sabouni, Susan Rasheed, Suzan Al Abyad and Tayseer Sabbagh.