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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

Tel/ Fax: 00963 11 514 59 23




Centre For Strategic Health Studies

The Centre for Strategic Health Studies (CSHS) has recently been established in Syria by the National Ministry of Health (MoH) with financing from the European Union and Technical Assistance deriving from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  The input from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) forms a continuation of support in Syria spanning the last decade.

In 2007 the Centre began teaching master programmes and short courses.  By 2009 the first student cohort of students will graduate and the second cohort of students will have embarked on their research projects. Over 900 prospective students applied to the Centre to become the third cohort.

Goals of the CSHS

  • To pursue research, teaching and technical assistance/consultancy services of international quality and relevance to users which will
    contribute to the improvement of health and to modernising the country’s health sector .
  • To gain national, and in due course regional, recognition as a leading institution in its field of work.
  • To achieve CSHS capacity building, institutionally and with regard to human resource, to ensure attainability and sustainability of the above two goals in the short, medium and long term.

Objectives of the CSHS

  • To ensure relevance of the research, teaching & technical assistance.
  • To enhance interactions with government and other organisations in health issues.
  • To develop, run and maintain education and training programmes of international value.
  • To undertake and widely disseminate the results of high quality research.
  • To seek and undertake technical assistance and consultancy work.
  • To enhance human resource capacity in client organisations and institutions.
  • To encourage desirable innovation in learning and teaching in appropriate format for CSHS major users.
  • To develop capacity to undertake responsibility for all core work areas, in due course.