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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

Tel/ Fax: 00963 11 514 59 23





The Centre’s development needs to have sustainability at it’s core.  One way to achieve this is through developing the capacity of its own faculty to international standards in teaching and research.  Through this mechanism, the Centre will be able to teach the master programmes and professional development courses and, at the same time, develop the Centre’s overall capacity. 

The establishment and development of the Centre for Strategic Health
Studies and it's capacity has only been made possible through the efforts of the visiting International Technical Assistance funded through the EU.  This assistance includes Teaching students, mentoring local faculty, training support staff , developing internal management structures, implementing and monitoring Quality Assurance mechanisms.  The table below highlights those involved, starting with the project Team Leaders, the Long Term Experts, The Short Term Experts and the finally, the locally employed experts.