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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

Tel/ Fax: 00963 11 514 59 23





Institutional Development
CSHSA primary focus is the development of structures that will support the implementation of a high quality training Centre in Syria.

These include physical infrastructures as well as the development of and human resource.  Since the EU and LSTM involvement, the Centre has acquired and renovated a large four storey building in the north of the city and staff and faculty have been recruited through the Ministry of Health.

Many of the faculty have already received their Master degrees from European Universities (sponsored by EU grants) and the remaining faculty look to finalise their masters over the  remaining period of the EU / LSTM project.  Their external academic training is supported in Syria through “on-the-job” training at the Centre by their International counterparts.  Centre support staff also receive practical training in their jobs from visiting staff from the LSTM, for example, training Librarians or the Marketing department.

LSTMThe Centre for Strategic Health Studies will, in the short term, give priority for developing and establishing teaching and training activities in Public Health, Health Systems Management, Hospital Management and Health Economics. The 2009/2010 academic calendar is enclosed in this brochure.

The medium and long term aim is that the CSHS will be able to fulfil its primary role of informing, advocating and supporting continued modernisation of health systems to ensure evidence-based best practice, effective organisation and delivery of high quality health care.

Currently, LSTM is providing a range of trainers from its own and partner institutes to enable the successful completion of the Master Courses.  

The aims and objectives of the CSHS will be to demonstrate, in the medium and long term, a research-led ethos that will ensure centrality of research as a core work area of the institution.  The focus in the immediate future will be on applied action-oriented small to small-medium scale research that is relevant to policy and decision-making to effect improvements in health.
As the emphasis and capacity for research grows in the medium to long term and, whilst small-scale action research will continue to be a priority, larger scale projects will be sought.

Advisory Services
The CSHS will continue to develop and maintain its reputation through Consultancy services. This service will be initially provided nationally and then regionally which will help the Centre gain an International profile and reputation in the longer term.