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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

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Student Research: Cohort 1

Book of abstracts available for download here (390kb_pdf in English)

As part of their studies, the Master graduates of 2009 carried out in-depth research on priority health areas identified by the Ministry of Health, including; Decision making, Medical technology evaluation, Environment, Smoking, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancers, Quality of health services, Reproductive health, Drugs Management and Tuberculosis. The outcome of the research work is expected to help provide scientific evidence for policy and decision making for the leadership of the health sector
as well as to inform the health professionals and the public with up-to-date knowledge of public health and health care. Policy-Briefing papers summarising the main findings and recommendations of the research work will be composed by the graduates, working with international faculty, and these will be submitted to senior management of the health sector and to the target relevant MoH departments as well as disseminated widely to all concerned in the public health community.



1. Complications among Diabetic Patients registered in UNRWA, Palestine Health Centre, Damascus, Syria.

Tayseer Sabbagh. MD

2. Tackling waiting time in outpatient clinics at Ibn Al-Nafees hospital.

Tariq Al-Nabulsi

3. Evaluation of Cervical Screening Programme in UNRWA Health Centres in Damascus Area, How to Optimize Benefit and Quality?

Dr. Suzan Al Abyad

4. Needle Stick Injuries and Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Diseases in Syria Curative Health Care: Case Study of Ibnnafis Medical Complex.

Dr. Susan Rasheed

5. Tuberculosis control: factors affecting the managerial system of DOTS in the TB training centre in Damascus city, Syria.

Reham Alaa Aldeen

6. Hepatitis B Vaccination and the Factors Influencing It's uptake among Health Care Workers In Al-Qunaitra Governorate Health Centres, Syria.

Dr. Nasser Shobut

7. Motivation and financial incentives among physicians and nurses in Damascus Hospital (semi-autonomous) and Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital (public).

Murad Al Masara

8. “An Evaluation of a Low Participating Village in the Syrian Healthy Villages Programme using participatory action research methods."

Mazen Chamas

9. Searching ways to avoid infection risks in outpatient clinics in Damascus and Ibn-alnafis hospitals.

Manar Kamel

10. An Investigation into the Factors Affecting Compliance for Tuberculosis (TB)  Treatment in The TB Centre in Lattakia, Syria.

Dr. Maher kashef

11. How can We Find the Best Way to Educate Children about Environment Protection?

Lucia Abazid

12. Screening for diabetes in Syria: a pilot study to explore the factors that influence people's utilisation of the diabetes screening service in health centres.

Khaled Al Sabouni

13. Quality of Sterilization and safety of radiation in dental clinics in public centres of Damascus.

Bassam Dabelah

14. Potential Impact of Introducing Semi-autonomous Hospital on Quality of Services from Patients’ Perspective.

Bassam Shahada

15. Eye and Skin Problems from Human Contact with sea-waterIn Syrian Coastal Countries: .A case-Control Study in Lattakia.

Dr.Adiba Rabie

16. Risk of Obesity among School Children Aged 10-12 years in Damascus Public Schools: A School- based Diet and Physical Activity Study.

Iman Saleh Bambouk MD