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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

Tel/ Fax: 00963 11 514 59 23




Research Overview

CSHSThe aims and objectives of the CSHS will be to demonstrate, in the medium and long term, a research-led ethos that will ensure centrality of research as a core work area of the institution.  The focus in the immediate future will be on applied action-oriented small to small-medium scale research that is relevant to policy and decision-making to effect improvements in health.
As the emphasis and capacity for research grows in the medium to long term and, whilst small-scale action research will continue to be a priority, larger scale projects will be sought.

Individual scholarships will continue to be valued in order that teaching and supervision may be informed by the latest developments in all disciplines relevant to health systems management, public health and health economics, finance and policy.

It is recognised that the CSHS’s research output, when judged by accepted measures, is fundamental to achieving a good ranking in the country and the region’s top higher education establishments. This will require immense commitment from staff and policies that focus on excellence.

Research InitiativesCSHS_Research Prioirities

The CSHS will develop and maintain its reputation through research services. The CSHS will provide this service nationally and then regionally and, in the longer term, gain an International profile and reputation.

Strategic initiatives covering the next five year period will include:

  • Continue the development of research programmes of a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary nature that are innovative in character and respond to project future needs of our user communities.

  • Continue to identify, prioritise and pursue policy and decision making research topics.

  • Increase research collaboration between the CSHS and other partners through existing and new links in cognate academic areas.

  • Continue to strengthen research capability of existing staff.

  • Plan research groups, with a remit for strategic development, which will focus around the CSHS’s key areas of work.

  • Recruitment of distinguished researchers in selected areas.

  • Establishment of a clear career track to continue to attract high calibre young staff into research schemes and subsequently retain them.
  • Through research and teaching committees to promote a supportive and challenging culture for post-graduate research students.