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Centre Of Strategic Health Studies

Beside Ibn Alnafis

Damascus, Syria

Tel/ Fax: 00963 11 514 59 23


Who we areCentre For Strategic Health Studies

The Centre for Strategic Health Studies (CSHS) has recently been established in Syria by the National Ministry of Health (MoH) with financing from the European Union and Technical Assistance deriving from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  The input from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) forms a continuation of support in Syria spanning the last decade.

In 2007 the Centre began teaching master programmes and short courses.  By 2009 the first student cohort of students will graduate and the second cohort of students will have embarked on their research projects. Over 900 prospective students applied to the Centre to become the second cohort.

Centre For Strategic Health Studies

Why we are hereCentre For Strategic Health Studies

Syria has achieved significant reductions in mortality and morbidity rates in past decades through increases in income and improvements in education, as well as through expansion of health services and public health programmes. The public system is provided and managed by the Ministry of Health (MoH), which is the lead national organization for preventative and curative services. Problems exist with human resources, such as mal-distribution, low salaries and allowances, no process for the selection of staff which matches the needs of a particular position, a performance appraisal system not designed to improve performance and low use of cooperative and supportive styles of management.