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Student Service Department

Centre of Stretgic Health StudiesPharmacist .Razan Sallouta: Head of Student Administration Department (located on the 1st floor of the CSHS building.) .She has a degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Damascus University. She has a specialty in Manufacturing and Quality control of medicine, and a specialty in Health Management Systems .She is one of the academic staff ( with experience in Quality) and also assists and complements the other academic staff, trainers, and students in maintaining and delivering the CSHS spcicallty programs . She is responsible for maintaining relevant materials such as program curricula and module readers as well as records such as the individual students' records. Moreover, she ensures that the students will be provided in time with the necessary stationery and training materials.

Centre of Stretgic Health StudiesDr.Majd Al-Naasan: Head of certificates and exams Department. She is a dentist with two diplomas, one in Public Health and another in Health Systems Management. Within the Master Programe of Health Systems Management, she is responsible as national trainer for Health Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation module. Also she provides academic tutoring to students in the Health Systems Management Department, she is responsible for distribution of marks and certifications all relevant matters.

Centre of Stretgic Health StudiesMr.Anas Shabrak: Business Administration Institute, He is responsible for printing and distribution of all relevant materials, and he is also responsible for students s attendance records




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