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Public Health Department

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesDr. Janet Nema. Dr. Janet Nema is Head of Public Health department, Dr. Janet is holding a Master degree of Public Health (MPH) from Staffordshire University, UK. A medical doctor by profession and holds a diploma degree in Public Health. She is the assistant module convenor for (i) Health Services Management and (ii) Health Promotion which are core modules in the Master Programme of Public Health at CSHS. In addition, Dr. Janet will also assist in the Dissertation Preparation module.

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesDr.Dima Altarsha. A member of the academic staff at Public Health Department at CSHS
Joined CSHS as a National Trainer in July 2011
A Dentist in profession holding a Master Degree in Public Health from Liverpool University, UK
As a National Trainer in the Department of Public Health Dr. Altarsha participates in some modules as a national trainer, in supervising students’ research, also participates in the research undertaken by the CSHS and finally she coordinates the short training courses in the department.


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