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Health Systems Management Department

Eng. Natalia Haj Ibrahim . Centre For Strategic Health Studies Eng. Natalia Haj Ibrahim is the head of Health System Management Department. Moreover, she is a member in the HR unit at the centre. Mrs. Haj Ibrahim is a medical engineer by profession holding two diploma degrees, one in Medical Engineering, the other in Health Systems Management. She got MSc degree in Human Resource Management from SMC University, Switzerland.

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesDr. Gharid Al-Naasan. Within the Master Programme of Health Systems Management, Dr. Gharid Al-Naasan, who is a dentist by profession, has been assigned as assistant module convernor for the (i) Introduction to Health Management and (ii) Quality Management Systems. Moreover, she is the Head of Quality Assurance Unit. She successfully completed her diploma studies in Health Systems Management in 2006 and in Public.

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesDr. Majd Al-Naasan. Dr. Majd Al-Naasan is a dentist with two diplomas, one in Public Health and another in Health Systems Management. Within the Master Programme of Health Systems Management, she is responsible as national trainer for Health Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation module. Also she provides academic tutoring to students in the Health Systems Management Department.

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesEng. Mohamad Yahya Alhalabi. Mr. Alhalabi is a National Trainer at the CSHS in the Department of Health Systems Management. He joined the centre in January 2010. Mr. Alhalabi is involved in teaching, training and research activities that are carried out by the centre. He has participated in the modules of Financial Management, Economic Evaluation and Research Proposal & Literature Review, and in supervising students' researches. He is the coordinator of short training courses in the department. Mr. Alhalabi is a medical engineer by profession, he holds a PG Diploma in medical engineering from Damascus University, and a Master in Health Systems Management from the CSHS in cooperation with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK).

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesDr. Azer Alkadi. A member of the academic staff at Health Systems Management Department at CSHS
Joined CSHS as a National Trainer in January 2013
A Dentist in profession holding a Master Degree in Health Systems Management from Liverpool University, UK

Centre For Strategic Health StudiesDr.Husam edine Matar. is a dentist with master degree in "Health system management" from Liverpool school of tropical medicine. He is one of the HSM staff at CSHS, and will assist in teaching health system management modules at CSHS.


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